MDC - Multi-Death Corporations

Crass Records 121984/5

A1) Multi Death Corporations
A2) Selfish Shit
B1) Radioactive Chocolate
B2) No Place To Piss

Musicians: David Dictor vocals,
Ron Posner (x-con ron) guitar,
Al Schultz (Alschvitz) drums,
Frank Mares (Franco) bass

Originally released with a slightly different sleeve by R-Radical Records in 1983.June 16, 1983 – New York, NY High Rise Studio: Papa Jerry production, Mark Dubicki executive producer, John Rosenberg engineer, Tom Coyne mastering, Danielle and Y.I.P. typesetting

Front cover art: Vince Rancid of Slam Magazine, Akron, OH

MDC is short for Millions of dead Cops, it was shortened because it was thought to be a bit too violent.