Crass - feeding of the 5000 (The Second Sitting)

Crass Records 621984

Artwork – Gee
Bass – Pete Wright
Drums, Noises [Radio] – Penny Rimbaud
Engineer – John Loder
Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals – Phil Free
Lead Vocals – Steve Ignorant
Rhythm Guitar,
Backing Vocals – N.A. Palmer
Written-By, Producer – Crass

The Feeding of the 5000 second sitting Crass Records 621984A later repress of The Feeding Of The 5000 (subtitled The Second Sitting) released on Crass records in 1981 restored the missing track of Reality AsylumThe song “They’ve Got A Bomb” also features a period of silence within it, inspired by John Cage’s “4’33″”. The band have acknowledged the influence of Cage, and said that the idea of the space in the song, when performed live, was to suddenly stop the energy, dancing and noise and allow the audience to momentarily ‘confront themselves’ and consider the reality of nuclear war.“The feeding of the five thousand” is well-known phrase in Christian tradition, being the name of a Biblical miracle in which a small amount of food is said to have fed 5000 people. According to drummer and spokesperson Penny Rimbaud: “We named the album ‘The Feeding Of The Five Thousand’ because 5000 was the minimum number that we could get pressed and some 4900 more than we thought we’d sell. Feeding is now only a few hundred short of going golden, though I don’t suppose we’ll hear too much about that in the music press”

But I will go into the Crass release of the 5000 in more detail later. For those who bought the 12″ without Asylum could write to the band, “With the first 5,000 pressings we decided to forward cassette copies to people requesting them.”

A quick quote about the art work found on streetbonersandtvcarnag The cover of “The Feeding of the 5,000.” Though Gee often does collages, the paintings that look like this are painstakingly done with a tiny brush and a solitary tube of black gouache. She used that same tube for all the Crass art, just diluting it to varying degrees to get lighter and lighter colors.