CAPTAIN SENSIBLE - This is Your Captain Speaking

Crass Records 321984/5

Captain Sensible on nov 2nd 1981, released his debut solo record, This Is Your Captain Speaking. It was a three song EP containing “The Russians Are Coming“, “(What D’Ya Give) The Man Who’s Gotten Everything?” and “Our Souls To You“. “(What D’Ya Give) The Man Who’s Gotten Everything?” also appeared on his debut solo album, Women And Captains First. The other two tracks were non-album tracks. He did not quit his day job though. He was still a member of The Damned.

Penny remembers, we recived a phone call from Captain Sensible saying he would be intrested in doing something as he was a vegetarian, so we invited him to dinner and the idea came from that.

Backing Vocals – Dolly Mixture
Design – Dada Nana
Drums – Penny Rimbaud
Engineer – John Loder
Lead Vocals, Guitar, Music By, Producer – Captain Sensible
Lyrics By – Sensible*, Rimbaud*
Voice [Solo] – Tasha

Recorded at Southern Studios

Captain says Working with Penny Rimbaud and John Loder and the discussions over wonderful vegetarian meals with members of the anarchist punk band Crass at Dial House changed my life and opened my eyes to lots of stuff. Working with Penny Rimbaud changed my life - not just the veggie thing but I started questioning EVERYTHING